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Innovative illumination solution based on unique carbon fibre technology

Street lights designed and manufactured by Geislinger reflect the Headquarters` innovative approach. The new Geislinger street light COMPOLIGHT is custom-made and unique creating an ideal connection between interior and exterior.

COMPOLIGHT by Geislinger captivates with its modern and elegant design which blends perfectly with modern architecture. The shimmering black surface reveals the specific winding pattern of the carbon fibre layers, demonstrating the exclusive quality of this carbon fibre composite product. COMPOLIGHT is the only street light of its kind, based 100% on carbon fibre technology.

The street lights sit on an over 8-meter-high mast with two double-row LED elements on top which guarantee ideal illumination. The mast was built using filament winding techniques, whereas the top is made in a wet lay-up process. The total weight of one Geislinger COMPOLIGHT is 39 kilograms; therefore, it can easily be carried and installed by just two persons.

Geislinger offers a variety of Gesilco® products manufactured from carbon fibre composite materials. Shafts up to a length of 10 meters, as well as the Geislinger Compowind® with a diameter up to 3.5 meters, can be manufactured at the production site in Carinthia. By designing and producing its own street lights, the innovation team has again proven its competence in the field of carbon fibre composite products which are 100% made in Austria.

If you are seeking an innovative illumination solution based on unique carbon fibre technology, please contact our Marketing & Sales Director Uwe Merl directly: merl@geislinger.com.



The corporate architecture at the Headquarters in Salzburg and all other locations is based on the philosophy of the magic of light which turns the corporate culture into a sensual experience.