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The Compowind® Coupling is based on an innovative concept of fatigue-resistant and maintenance-free fibre composite membranes. Installed between the rotor hub and the gearbox, the low-speed shaft (LSS) coupling protects the gearbox and the whole drivetrain by significantly reducing non-torque loads. The coupling allows the gearbox to be mounted rigidly onto the main frame, without the use of elastomer-hydraulic torque supports. As a result, bending modes and dynamic effects are virtually eliminated. The reliability of the drivetrain increases noticeably, resulting in reduced operational costs.

The low speed shaft (LSS) coupling is made from advanced fibre composites which enable the gearbox to be mounted rigidly onto the main frame. A Compowind® Coupling facilitates highly integrated next-generation drivetrain architectures. Thanks to its low and almost linear restoring forces, virtually all occurring non-torque loads are effectively absorbed by the composite membranes.

Compowind® allows the gearbox to be rigidly attached to the main frame for which reason drivetrain bending Eigenmodes are virtually eliminated and the dynamic behaviour is improved beyond comparison. This is not only important under severe load conditions and after the occurrence of special events, but also helps to reduce structure-borne mechanical wind turbine noise: The comparatively low stiffness and the good damping properties of the Geislinger Compowind® reduce the sound transfer from the gearbox through the rotor shaft to the rotor blades, while the attenuation of Eigenmodes helps to reduce sound propagation within the drivetrain in general. For this reason, the noise radiation from the rotor blades, the gearbox housing, the gearbox supports, and the tower is effectively reduced. This poses an additional customer value and a clear competitive advantage for onshore applications.

Compowind® is resistant to heat, frost and salt­water and offers electrical insulation as an option. The use of advanced materials and our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods give wind turbine producers a competitive lead in the race for weight, enhancement of reliability and reduction of operational costs (OPEX). Every Compowind® is customized to each application.

Technical data

  • Torque & Misalignment: Customized to your requirements
  • Torque range: up to 10MNm
  • Diameters: Up to 3.5m
  • Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C


  • Fatigue resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low restoring forces
  • No aging, no wear, resistant to heat, frost and saltwater
  • Weight saving design
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Electric insulation (optional)
  • A Geislinger monitoring system GMS is available


  • Wind Power